Ben Morgan and his band will be in concert in St Louis, Missouri on April 1, 2017.   The Jeremiah Johnson Band starts the show and Ben and the band take the stage at 9:00 pm.  For  ticket information about BUDWEISER presents BEN MORGAN AND BAND LIVE ON STAGE@ THE BIERGARTEN, Anheuser-Busch, St Louis MO, visit  or

Ben is an established, touring,  singer and song writer.  A  master of the guitar, Ben is equally adept at an assortment of other instruments.   When Ben’s band adds its additional guitar, bass, drums and keyboards to Ben’s guitar and lead vocals, the result is a  full sound that’s original, invigorating and guaranteed to please.  Dubbed New Country or Southern Ben MorganRock by some and country influenced classic rock by others,  Ben Morgan’s music showcases his base country sound, but also the blues and classic rock roots that have shaped his music vision.  The result are songs which are often  driving, and fun, but which also include the occasional slower tune and thoughtful ballad.   Whether at  a fun of a lifetime live performance,  on radio, by digital download or stream, or on video,  Ben Morgan is a must-see, must-hear, break-out act, that we are pleased to have on our roster of artists. 

Ben and the band’s first album, Sweet History, will debut in late February 2017, but two songs (the title track “Sweet History” and “Age is A State of Mind”) have been pre-released and are already available on all major music download and streaming apps and websites.   We hope to see you at the concert on April 1st — it will be some of the best music you’ve heard in years, and the party of a lifetime.

  For more information about Ben Morgan and his band, to find links to his music on all major music apps, websites and youtube,  to join his mailing list, and to receive direct information about the band’s upcoming album and tour dates,  visit  or  his facebook page.


 THE ARCH-ITECTS, featuring June Ann D’Angelo

                          Colored Globes cover art

The Arch-itects, not to be confused with the band that lacks the hyphen, is an old-style rock n roll group, featuring former road and studio musicians.  Their fun loving songs, and hard driving rifts make the band a favorite on the high-end cover music circuit.   When they came up with an original Christmas song, however, they knew they had to switch things up.   They reached out to us  at Leg-Up Productions and we heard what they had, and liked it.   We paired the band with June Ann D’Angelo for vocals, and the result was  “Colored Globes, ” a modern day Christmas song which celebrates the holiday, while paying tribute to our fighting men and women over seas.  Released in 2014, the tune has surpassed all expectations in terms of downloads, streams, and other purchases.   Listeners from across the United States and Canada, England, Spain, Germany, Australia, and elsewhere, have added this modern classic to their Christmas songlist.    You should as well.     To preview  “Colored Globes” click here to visit itunes, or visit any of your other favorite download or streaming sites.


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